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Personal Brand Photography for High-Level Entrepreneurs & Influencers

Solving the problem for Entrepreneurs and Influencers by creating enough images that speak to your brand for unlimited use on all your marketing needs.


"Your personal brand is a promise to your clients... a promise of quality, consistency, competency and reliability."  Jason Hartman

Have you ever patronized a business and engaged small chit chat and they mentioned how they love to kayak and went last weekend?… 

You all of a sudden light up and say “I love to take my family out on the river on the weekends”. 

Boom! A connection! And you drop your guard because you’re experiencing something you like with them.

"People Want To Have Something In Common To Feel Good That You Are Authentic."

People want to connect with who you are before listening to what you have to say or offer. And while it's a bit uncomfortable to put yourself out there it's just the way things work today.

Instagram and Facebook our websites are powerful platforms you can use to your advantage by really connecting with your audience but that needs images that tell a story.

Those stories will get people to trust you, drop their guard and let you lead them.

So that means getting real. Start by updating that old image so you will be recognizable to them. Wether you are a blogger, motivational speaker, corporate business person, your image has to be current.

Not only that, your message needs to be updated consistently with new story telling images that are being broadcasted on a regular basis.

Most of all doing low grade selfies will not cut it and who has the time to do that?

Let Me Create Your Brand Images… Tell Your Story.

I Have The Solution For You…

Being an image creator since 1991, owning and operating a photography studio, I’ve been helping businesses with their images.

 I have knowledge about branding and back up my promises. I’ll be there for you. 

By being your Personal Brand Photographer I will become acquainted with you and your business so I can create photographically awesome images that will get you noticed, engage your audience for your ads, website, new projects and so much more!

What Can I Promise?

I will capture enough images for you every quarter saving you time and helping you engage your audience.

I will come to you, or you can come to my residential studio. Using natural light as well as studio lighting…what ever is the right format for your brand.

Saving you time from the hassle of looking for someone to learn about your brand all over again.

I can come to your events, vacations, work place, what ever you need for me to create the authentic images that speak to your brand. 

However, I’m Only Taking 12 New Clients!

From the time I have launched this website I will probably have a few clients already so you have to act fast and get on my list of preferred clients to work with. 


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Be The Influencer...

"I am solving the problem for Entrepreneurs and Influencers by creating enough images that speak to your brand for unlimited use on all your marketing needs."

Being in the photography field since 1991 with my own business I have found that photography plays an important part of your business. Especially if you are influencer in your industry. What I mean is:

Do you help people; make decisions in their life, solve a problem, or make something people need?

If your answer is yes then your brand is all about how you help people and who you are as a person, business owner, coach or entrepreneur. People want to know how you can help them but they also want to know you as a person, husband, wife, parent. What you do for fun, hobbies and such. 

Think about it. For example; when you get to chatting with the owner of a paint shop and you start talking about your project and mention that your kid has a soccer game and you need to do this project week nights because the games are on the weekends. 

They start chiming in that know all too well and you chat for another 15 minutes about your kids games. You start to resonate with them and like them so you want to buy from them. Taking their advice on paint colors etc. See how preceding those values in all your marketing will gain you trust with future clients and customers?

So, do you want to make difference in your community? Stand out from the crowd? Be known as the Primere Influencer of your industry? Are you an honest and ethical business owner?

If so, I want to work with you as your Personal Brand Photographer.

The investment starts at $1500 per session
Quarterly sessions start at $1350 ea. for 4 sessions a year.
Customized for your needs.

If You Feel We Would Be A Great Fit...

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If we get this far, we will plan your first photo session and sign the paperwork to make it official.

Go Ahead… Click the button below… what do you have to loose?

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About Tammy

Tammy lives in Ocala, Florida with her two cats and mom. She enjoys bike riding, regular work outs at her favorite trainer, The Training Toole and long fast walks with friends that end up at their favorite coffee shop. You can see her mingling in downtown Ocala on the weekends and occasionally on a weeknight here and there. She loves wine bars and you may see her at any of the wine tasting events! Stop and say hi if you see her. Tammy loves to meet new people and you never know what can transpire upon meeting. She may connect you with someone or something you need. She is always looking to help you!


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